WebDecoder Quiz

The WebDecoder Quiz is an interactive quiz that increases interaction with the participant by offering an instant win and or a sweepstakes opportunity for completing the quiz. Participants have "Learning Moments" for incorrect answers.

The program can be setup to reward the player for obtaining a specific number of correct answers by entering them into a daily, weekly or monthly sweepstakes drawing

Move the VirtualDecoder over the WebDecoder hidden message question to begin. The answers with a * are the correct answers. Choose and incorrect answer to view the "learning moment".

  • Integrate in to Facebook
  • Mobile Programs
  • Social media intergration
  • Learning Moments
  • Customized VirtualDecoder
  • Instant Win Programs
  • Watch, Learn & Win Programs
  • Customized Feedback Responses
Press here for WebDecoder Quiz Demo
WebDecoder Quiz

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