Intellectual Property

We own the the following patents and intellectual property rights which provide the cornerstone of our business:

  1. U.S. Patent No. 5,984,367 issued November 16, 1999 entitled "Hidden Image Game Piece";
  2. U.S. Patent No. 6,296,900 issued October 2, 2001 entitled "Method of Making Hidden Image Game Piece";
  3. U.S. Patent No. 6,406,062 issued June 18, 2002 entitled "Hidden Image Game Piece";
  4. U.S. Patent No. 6,833,829 issued December 21, 2004 entitled "Method of Making a Hidden Image Game Piece";
  5. U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 10173385 entitled "Method of Using a Hidden Image Game Piece", filed June 17, 2002;
  6. U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 10681587 entitled "Hidden Image Game Piece", filed October 7, 2003;
  7. U.S. Trademark Registration No. 2,581,629 ("NetDecoder");
  8. U.S. Trademark Registration No. 2,569,443 ("WebDecoder");
  9. U S. Trademark Registration No. 2,588,942 (WebDecoder The Original);
  10. Georgia Trademark Registration No. T-18869 (Web Decoder);
  11. Georgia Trademark Registration No. T-18870 (WebDecoder);
  12. Georgia Servicemark Registration No. S-18871 (WebDecoder);
  13. Georgia Servicemark Registration No. S-18872 (Web Decoder);
  14. International patent and trademark rights in Europe and Asia

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